Great organizations are always looking to thrive by increasing engagement, performance and productivity. Inspired Engagement can help your organization thrive.

Strengths-based change can increase employee engagement, customer ratings, profitability, and productivity and significantly lower turnover, shrinkage, and absenteeism. In institutions of higher education, strengths-based change can increase student retention, persistence and completion rates.

Strengths-based change is developed through the intentional structure of everyday organizational processes. Inspired Engagement brings to you a unique combination of knowledge and experience in implementing organizational strengths initiatives. Inspired Engagement is skilled in utilizing a variety of engagement and assessment tools including Gallup Clifton Strengths Finder, Appreciative Inquiry, DiSC, Interest Based Problem Solving and Change Intelligence (CQ).

Inspired Engagement is experienced and specializes in helping organizations through:

Inspired Engagement utilizes our proven three-step process to guide and support the organization throughout the process.


Discover your Organizational Goals

We discover unique needs, desires, and outcomes

Skilled in Appreciative Inquiry research methods and armed with a variety of tools we collect pertinent data and information for the specific purpose of identifying the strengths, opportunities and aspirations of our client necessary to determine the desired outcomes and build a unique pathway to success.

Design your Action Plan

We design pathways to engagement

Working collaboratively and hosting critical conversations, the Inspired Engagement Team guides the design of an Organizational Change Plan and create the specific language of initiatives, goals and detailed action plans necessary to accomplish the outcomes identified in discovery.

Develop Sustainable Change

We develop sustainable change

As you implement your plan the Inspired Engagement Team will be there to help guide and support every step of the way providing feedback and recognition as you pass each mile post on your journey.