Inspired Engagement Team members are available to deliver motivating and informative small and large group interactive presentations and training workshops on a variety of topics.

Previous presentations and facilitated training workshops:

  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Being your Best Self: Strengths Essentials
  • Implementation of Strengths-based Initiatives in the Academic Setting
  • Inspiring Engagement through Organizational Change
  • Interest Based Problem Solving
  • Leading from the Heart: Building Engagement through Intentional Employee Recognition
  • Organizing Intentions: An Appreciative Prioritization of Ideas
  • Strengths-based Strategies for Leadership and Management
  • Strengths-based Teaching
  • The Integrated Life: Life Balance is a Zero-Sum Game
  • The Power of Hope
  • Transformational Leadership: Leading Others through Vision, Inspiration and Execution
  • Value and Vision based Strategic Planning through Appreciative Inquiry