Inspired Engagement Coaches partner with individuals and teams to help them engage in their lives and the work they do. Using a Strengths-based approach our coaches help you increase your emotional connection to a life and work fulfilled with purpose by simply being more of who you already are.

Personal and professional development is most effective with the support and guidance of others. Inspired Engagement utilizes our proven three-step coaching process


To guide and support your journey to engagement by helping discover your desires, design specific strategies and action steps and develop the change into a sustainable change

Discover your Organizational Goals

We discover unique needs, desires, and outcomes

Using a variety of tools and discussions Inspired Engagement Coaches will help you discover your true self and develop your signature voice. Self-discovery includes building engagement through awareness of your unique life purpose, your vision, your core values, your constituencies, and your talents.

Design your Action Plan

We design pathways to engagement

Using the work from the Discovery Phase as a beacon Inspired Engagement Coaches will support the design of a unique Plan including specific strategies and action steps. This plan will guide our work together as you develop the life you choose.

Develop Sustainable Change

We develop sustainable change

As you implement your plan Inspired Engagement Coaches will be there to help guide and support you every step of the way providing feedback and recognition as you pass each mile post on your journey.