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Supporting student’s journey to realize their capabilities and become who they are meant to be begins with an Inspired Engagement Essential Strengths for Students Workshop.  This workshop will help your students discover how to advance their own development and growth by discovering their natural talents, developing them into strengths and learning how to apply those strengths to be more engaged in their learning, more academically and become who they truly are meant to be.


How does the discovery, development and application of strengths by students improve their outcomes?

Research has shown that students in strengths development programs have greater academic success.  This outcome is a result of the following principles

  • All people have, within them, a range of talents, abilities, capabilities, and strengths
  • Talents and themes identified by the CliftonStrengths instrument may be considered instrumental to achievement
  • People are goal-directed and act upon their goals. Their actions and involvement are goal-directed
  • Building on one’s strengths is motivating.
  • Becoming aware of our talents builds self-confidence and provides an intrinsic motivation for personally investing one’s own strengths.
  • Discovering one’s strengths is a part of identity formation. As each person progresses through life, they engage in a journey of becoming their true self.
  • Strengths as developed talents are an appropriate and useful way to conceptualize human development. It does not reinforce a perspective that some people are just born with talents and that they do not need to invest themselves – engage in hard work and practice – to exhibit and use their strengths


Students who attend an Inspired Engagement Essential Strength for Students Workshop are more likely to:

  • have higher feelings of hope
  • be more engaged in their lives
  • have higher GPA’s
  • complete more credits
  • have more persistence
  • have higher completion rates

Than students who do not attend.


Inspired Engagement Essential Strengths for Students Workshops:

  • Affordable
  • Held on your site
  • Active learning environment
  • Customized to your group’s size, needs and schedule
  • CliftonStrengths  Assessment and an E-version of CliftonStrengths for Students book provided for each participant
  • 1, 4 and 8 hour workshop formats available

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