Part 3 of a 4 part series.  Part 1 explored the concept of an integrated life by understanding that “life balance” is a zero-sum game that cannot be won, and suggested the first step to discover your life purpose is to picture a personal future that inspires hope.  Part 2 continued this discussion by asking if you wish to live your life by design or default and suggested that you be proactive and design your own future.

Get a start at being proactive!

Schedule time in your life to reflect on the questions below.

This exercise may take you a few hours or a few weeks.  Considering printing and carrying these questions with you to increase your awareness and develop personal insights. If so inclined, a daily meditation or reflection focusing on one question each day can be very powerful.  As insights begin to form jot them down in a journal.

What is my purpose?

  • What is your reason for existence? Why are you on earth?
  • Answer the question “why?” rather than just describing your role or your activities.
  • Consider that you have a deep and noble purpose—a significant purpose—that inspires excitement and commitment, makes life and work energizing and helps you stay the course when things get tough.

When I see my future, what do I see?

  • Close your eyes and visualize a picture of your future. Don’t be vague, such as “being great” be specific. Try to actually see and feel and hear what your idealized future is.
  • Focus on what you want to create, not what you want to get rid of.
  • Think proactive, not reactive.
  • Focus on the end result, not the process for getting there.

Who do I serve? What is my constituency?

  • Life is like a collection of bank accounts and each has a certain value.
  • Who and what do you serve?
  • You may serve people like your spouse, your children, co-workers, friends, and clients, even yourself.
  • You may serve beliefs or strong values like your God, career, financial security or a commitment to community politics.
  • You may serve activities like the work you do, church, physical fitness, learning or love of travel.

What do I value?

  • What beliefs do you hold deeply?
  • What defines what is fundamentally important in your life?
  • What values do you believe you need to consistently act on to fulfill your life?

How am I uniquely talented?

  • What ways of thinking, feeling or behaving bring energy to your life?
  • What activities energize and strengthen you?
  • What behavior patterns make you effective?
  • What thought patterns make you efficient?
  • What attitudes sustain your efforts toward achievement and excellence?
  • What intrinsic motivations propel you to act and maintain the energy needed to achieve?
  • Completing the Gallup Clifton Strength Finder is an excellent way to help you discover and define your talents.

This is the third article in a 4 part series. The next article will address how to create a personal Statement of Life Purpose.


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