Appreciative Inquiry Facilitated May 25, 2019 as a pre-conference workshop for the NISOD International Conference on Education and Leadership

NISOD AI Collegiality PowerPoint

NISOD AI Inquiry Guide 2019

Session  Feedback

Printable Collegiality Guidelines

The documents below are in PDF format and can be printing in 11×17 or 3×5 format.  If you wish to receive a Photoshop version of these documents or have any questions or comments contact me at [email protected]

11×17 Collegiality Guidelines for Higher Ed Poster

3×5 Card Collegiality Guidelines for Higher Education- FRONT

3×5 Card for Collegiality Guidelines Higher Education –  BACK

11×17 Collegiality Guidelines for Nursing

3×5 Collegiality Guidelines for Nursing Front and Back


Chair Academy International Leadership Conference

Leadership Conference Appreciative Inquiry Final Report w/ Guidelines

This document includes all ideas and inspiration of the higher education leaders participating in the Appreciative Inquiry in Atlanta including the Collegiality Guidelines created from the data collected in this session.